Calculus Tutoring in Lexington, Massachusetts

I take on a very small number of students for tutoring in Calculus (and perhaps Precalculus) in my office in Lexington, MA.

My office is between Lexington High School and Lexington Middle School, a short walking distance from both.

Do we just get together and do some homework problems? Definitely not. My rates are much higher than "homework problem tutors" which you may find dozens/hundreds on Wyzant and other online tutoring boards. I provide a comprehensive "math coach" experience to help the student succeed in their math courses in high school, and prepare for either the AB or BC Calculus exam, and/or prepare for higher-level Calculus courses in university.

If you have tried RSM or MN or in-home tutors without much success, or more importantly - without a fundamental change in attitude towards mathematics - it might be time to try a different approach with a seasoned professional educator.

I am a mathematics professor at a major university in New England with over 30 years of teaching experience. I earned my Ph.D. in Algebraic Geometry from the University of California.

My tutorial sessions are Mondays and Wednesdays, 4p - 8p. I may be expanding to Thursdays in Spring 2020.

In addition to a one hour tutorial appointment once or twice per week, I provide additional assistance over Skype throughout the rest of the week as part of the included service. If a student has a quick question on homework or lecture on a Sunday night, it is most helpful to get that question answered quickly without waiting for the next tutorial meeting.

I am also the father of a special needs child, so patience is part of my DNA, especially in mathematics instruction.

Please visit to see an introductory video by me, or email me ( ) or text/call me 1.401.443.9824 to schedule a first appointment.

Other Online Course Resources

If you are looking for online Calculus courses that carry academic credits, we recommend the Distance Calculus @ Roger Williams University course program.